12 Working from Home Tips
for Success

Overview about The essential tech advice and gear to make remote work effective

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What's in This Post?

12 Working from Home Tips for Success.

    In this post, you'll know..

    You are planning on working from home?

    The idea of working from home (WFH), telecommuting or remote is a luxury of work from their home office.

    Dream come true.

    Isn't it.

    More freedom and more responsibility.

    Sometimes it's more challenging & lonely.

    Some people enjoy working from home.

    If you have right gear.

    Working from home office is affordable.

    Many benefits like increase performance, productive, save travel time and achieve greater work-life balance.

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    The first step in your “work from home” journey is to look for quiet space with door.

    Set your space where you can sit comfortably and focus.

    Away from a TV screen or other distractions.

    Have space for computer, files, and any stationary supplies.

    Look for plenty of power outlets in your room.

    Make sure it’s clutter free your desk.

    You need to know where each item.

    If you can’t see it you can’t manage it.


    Organising skills are very important.

    Invest in Technology.

    You need a small investment for home office or workspace.


    Ask yourself What You Need?

    Depending on the nature of your work. Things you need:

     Computer (desktop, laptop, tablet).


     Wireless Mouse/Keyboard

     USB Hub.

     Any Software/Apps Needed

     Printer (if needed).

    You may need to invest in office furniture.

     A large desk with lockable drawers.

     And a comfortable office chair.

     Filing cabinet or bookshelves with doors.

    WFH easier:

     An extra monitor.

     Spare computer power adapters/mouse            /keyboard, etc.


      The point is I am trying to make that you           will be working in this space every day.

    All internet and Wi-Fi setups are different.

    The bandwidth at home is probably slower than the office.

     Test your internet speed.

     Then test streaming.

     Web conferencing.

    You plan to upload and downloads of files for your home office.

     If you need faster internet speed, try                 tweaking some settings.

    If the above step doesn't work, call your internet service provider to request a temporary increase in internet speeds.

    Some providers will allow you to increase and later decrease your services with them later.


    If you Have Slow Internet? What's Considered a Good Speed?

    Make sure your Working from Home office with strong Wi-Fi coverage.

    If necessary, consider installing a mesh network to improve wireless coverage for your home office.

    Make sure you test your internet speeds while using a VPN (virtual private network) and VPNs can slow things down.

    Now you have setup your office.

    Now get down to business.

    Working from home an everyday commitment.

    Need specific business or work hours.

    The beauty of working from home is that you can be flexible in your working hours.

      An example, if you are more productive in         the morning, then set your work hours               from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.

    Focus on how to manage your time effectively.

    Also set expectations for yourself and the people around you including setting boundaries to your family members.

    Because they need to understand your work hours.

    Also they need to help you & guide the hours you work.

    Finish all your household work before you start work.

    It's easy to lose time with distractions when you work from home.

    Set goals and time limits for each task in the morning.

    After you complete each task, just cross it off from the list.

    This simple technique is both efficient and fulfilling.

      Keep a calendar and make a schedule,            and track all your meetings and                        appointments.

      Update Your Use to-do lists every                    mornings & task management or                      productivity apps to make sure you know          what needs to be done, and that it's                  getting done.

      Tips for working remotely consider                    downloading a time logging or time                  management app to keep track of the              number of hours you're working.

    The strategies to work from home when you start work, and when you stop for the day. The tip some apps will also track what you do on the computer.

      Stay on task by writing down all the things         that need to get done at the start of each         day.

    Yes, the video conference - remote work.

    Working from home sometimes can get pretty lonely, especially if you are alone.

    Make it a point in your calendar to chat with your colleagues, team members, or clients each day.

    It matters.

    You know why?

    You're not just hook into a machine.

    You connect to co-workers and people to have some break. Humanity must not be lost in working remotely instead enjoy working from home.

    Working from home mean your meetings are moved online.

    How to make video conferencing

    Do you know?

    How to use video chat for working from home?

    working from home tip for success using video conferencing software like Zoom or GoToMeeting, there are a few matters of etiquette you should practice during calls.

     Turn on your camera:

    If it's a meeting what you do is listen. You are using a camera for meeting purpose for physical presence and a professional image.

     Mute your microphone:

    Your background sounds are amplified for everyone else so do the group a favour and stay muted unless you're speaking.

     Important tip:

    Configure your video conference software to mute by default when it starts.

     Choose appropriate          lighting:

    In the meeting colleagues want to see your face as they're talking to you.

     Keep the background       clean:

    You don't want your colleagues to see all the clutter on your desk. Keep it tidy.

    There are many video chat applications available like:




     Google Hangouts.


    Depending on the nature of your work, you could use any video conferences chatting with your team.

      Video chat is a great way to stay                       connected with team members, or clients         each day when you are working from               home.

     Important tip:

    Working in a clean well-lighted place it brings out your best features.

    Avoid WFH Bad Habits.

    You know what I am going to say....

    Guess what?

    If anything that's a no-no at work will be a no-no at home, too.

    The reason employers block social media sites from corporate networks is because they lose valuable work & time.

    Research shows you can lose 2 hours and 22 minutes every day checking on social media.

    Unless if it's is a part of your job to check social media otherwise save it for your "after work" hours.

    Familiar with your company’s social media guidelines.

    May be they want you to engage with LinkedIn.

    Minimise use of social media helps avoid distractions, so you can focus on getting more done.


      Adjusting to working from home and shut         off social media notifications during the             day.

     Important Working From           Home Tip:

    If you love using social media, then make it a habit of using "after work" hours.

    I think you understand the success tip for working from home.

    WFH, that's a lot harder to work.

    We think that by working from home, we will be able to get more done because there will be less distractions.

    Sometimes we end up over committing and working too much, which also kills our productivity.

    How many times a day do you take a break to connect with your colleagues, team to share information?

    How many times a just get away from your desk?

    Research has proved that taking short breaks can actually increase productivity. You need to have a work-life balance.

     Working From               Home Tip:

    You can use an application like Slack––a messaging system for colleagues & teams to stay in touch with the people you work with them.

     Working From               Home Tip:

    working from home tip for productivity taking short, five-minute breaks into your daily schedule, or even make them a part of your daily routine system. Take Short Breaks.

      Don't wear your pajamas: 'Dress for                  success' is essential when you're WFH.

      You don’t need a three piece suit, but you         still need to be professional look.

      Staying too casual will distract your                  professional image and your productivity.

     Working From               Home Tip:

    Working from home tip for success if you are in the right mindset to work and you’ll be ready to handle any kind of work related tasks like video conference or chat with a teammate.

    More over you’ll be prepared to get work done.

    Work DONE is very IMPORTANT.

    When you are mentally and physically prepared for work you enjoy the work & you will have GOOD day.

      Working From Home Tip:

    Just dress like you are working in the office. Even if you don’t leave the house.

    Meet regularly, and don’t forget to relax and have a little bit fun.

      Visualise your GOAL through meditation.

      Visualisation is very important.

      The visualisation is very powerful mind             exercise.

      It will help you feel the way you want to            feel and give you the clear path to                    productivity and success.

      The power of visualise inspiration can               help you get out of a slump or negative             thoughts while working from home.

      You can use THE POWER OF                           VISUALISATION TECHNIQUES any time         during the day as many times as you like.

    Working From Home Tip:
    Meditation Boost your day with joy, happy and gain more energy.
    You know now 12 Working from Home Tips for Success.

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