What Does Google Know About Me?

Overview About What Does Google Know About Me? . That’s right. Google knows lots of things about you? Who you are, where have you been, your friends, like & dislike. But wait – there’s more. Trust me. You’ll be glad you did. How? Let's dive in..

Please light in someone's life What Does Google Know About Me? What Does Google Know About Me? What Does Google Know About Me? What Does Google Know About Me?

What's in This Post?

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-What Does Google Know About Me?

    In this post, you'll know..

    What Does Google Know About Me?

    Like any other enterprising tech giants, Google must accumulate massive amounts of personal data to monetize their services.

    In the process Google develops robust picture of what you’re all about…

    What Google Knows

    Google Knows a lot About You?


    The answer depends on what types of Google services you use.

    I know.

    You may surprise..

    How much data Google collects About You?

    How Google collects About You?


    What information do Google have about me?

    Who You Are

    Google knows how you look like, what you sound like, your political and religious beliefs, how healthy you are and any dietary restrictions.

    Where Have You Been

    Google knows where you live, where you work, and where you’ve travelled.

    Google uses location tracking to know find out the information.

    Who Are Your Friends

    I know the feeling.

    Google knows your friends & family. Who you talk to and what you talk about them.

    What You Like and Dislike

    Yes. Exactly.

    Google knows what food, books, movies, videos, and gadgets you like or dislike through your search queries.

    Your Future Plans

    Through your search queries Google knows what you are thinking about, including your future plans. Have you started searching for information about cooking techniques? If so, Google knows that you are going to cook.


    Your Online Life

    Google also knows the websites you have visited and your bookmarked pages.

    How Is My Google Data Gathered?

    How Google gathers information about you?

    I will explain simple way.

    Google Search:

    Google keeps a history for every search you do on the web while using Google's search engine.

    Google's search engine gives a lot of information.

    Google Chrome:

    Google Chrome is the best web browser also gives Google a history of every website you have visited through search.


    Google tracks the searches you have done on YouTube and keeps a record of every video you've watched in your profile.

    Google Maps:

    You will give Google access to your location and history when using Google Maps and the navigation functionality.


    Waze uses crowd-sourcing to guide drivers and send input to Google.

    Which means Wazers provide about traffic goes straight to Google.

    You’re dead right.

    Google actually owns Waze.


    Android is storing your text messages and your app usage.

    Google Apps:

    Every Google app or service. This includes Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Drive, etc.

    How does Google know what I talk about?

    I understand. What you are thinking …

    Well.. a bit, exposed.

    We live in a world with a lot of wonders and surprises but also a world without a lot of privacy.

    Google gathers the location information from Android smart phones to determine traffic conditions on the roads and give you a better idea of how your morning commute is shaping up.

    Google doesn't keep this information secret.

    You can even download a packet of all Google data kept on you.

    If you know where to look and view your own data. Try these steps:

    Step 1 – Google Advertisement Settings

    Step 2 – Web activity history

    Check your web activity history, including websites visited and searches performed.

    Step 3 – Google Location History

    Google - Location history for you: Usually this information is more thorough for Android users than iPhone users. Google webpage for the location history for you.

    Step 4 – YouTube

    You can view both your YouTube search history and You Tube watch history.

    That's right.

    Step 5 – Google Account Permissions.

    One important thing to do.

    You can review which apps and websites are using your Google sign-in or accessing information from your Google services in your Google account permissions.

    Step 6 – Data Packet

    You can download a data packet with everything from Google stores about you. Just go to make sure every product is turned on, click the Next button and follow the directions. Google will email you a link to download your data packet.

    OK, you Get it now.

    How to Stop Google Accessing My Information

    1. Adjust your privacy settings.

    2. Use private browsing.

    3. Use a different browser for search.

    4. Turn of your location settings.

    5. Delete your Google accounts.

    6. Use a VPN.

    You know.

    How you can stop Google gathering data about you is to simply stop using their products and services.

    Step 7 – iPhone

    Simply you can switch from Android to iPhone.

    Step 8 – Firefox

    Instead of Google Search.

    Install the Firefox browser and begin using DuckDuckGo and/or WolframAlpha.

    Step 9 – Google Activity controls

    Don’t worry too much about how much Google knows about you.

    You simply opt out of Google storing data about you.

    Stop what Google tracks in the Google Activity controls.

    Simply you can turn off location tracking, web and app activity, device information, voice and audio activity, and YouTube search and watch history.

    Step 10 – Google Privacy Settings

    You can also customize the privacy settings on your Google account.

    If you click Get Started under the Review your privacy settings section, Google will walk you through a privacy check up.

    Step 11 – Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a service Google provides to help analyze website visitors.

    You can opt out from Google sharing your information when visiting websites that use the service.

    Go solve it.

    ★ Note: Now it's your turn.

    ★ It's easier than you think.

    You know... What Does Google Know About You?

    Wrap up


    Bonus: Reconsider using Google - Not Necessary

    If you would like to be safe than sorry.

    May be you can install Firefox.

    or use another browser for general web browsing and never have to sign in to Google using the browser. This will help you reduce the amount of data Google can link back to your account. You can also

    ★ Let’s get to the point.

    install privacy extensions into the Firefox browser that can delete cookies, restrict Facebook tracking and other privacy features.

    So Google knows all about your CHOCOLATE addiction you suffered a few years back.

    That's right. You know..What Does Google Know About Me?

    Think about any technology before using them.

    I hope these simple tips help you to solve Google problems you're facing.

    As time goes … Google Know More About You.

    So get used to the idea that Google will continue to know more and more about you.

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