How to Use Multiple Monitors to Expand Your Microsoft Office Experience

Overview about How to Use Multiple Monitors to Expand Your Microsoft Office Experience. Easy way to compare & see documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint more clearly.

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What's in This Post?

How to Use Multiple Monitors to Expand Your Microsoft Office Experience.

    In this post, you'll know..

    How to use multiple monitors to expand your Microsoft Office.

    It's good to add multiple monitors to view things more clearly.

    That's is why some users prefer more than one monitor screen for Microsoft Office because they can have multiple windows using multiple monitors is the only way to see the work clearly, efficiently professionally.


    What I always talk about it.


    Organising skills are very important.

    You can work on single screen with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other Microsoft Office programs.

    But when you are working in a single pane, add another window to compare two documents, or use two programs side by side things feel crowded, fast. Things are bit messy.

    There you go.

    Some general guidelines for working with additional screens or multiple monitors in Microsoft Office programs.

    💡  Please Note:

    Setup is different depending on your desktop

    Do you want to learn how to use dual displays?

    Picture this.

    I know the feeling.

    The simple truth is


    Let’s dive in.

    Step 1: Computer or Device

    You need computer or device with multiple monitor inputs or a splitter to create multiple inputs.

    Step 2: Multiple Monitor Screens.

    You need Multiple Monitor Screens.

    Step 3: Microsoft Office.

    Microsoft Office — Please remember sometimes that older versions of Microsoft Office may provide less support and flexibility for working in multiple screens.

    Trial and error. May work differently for individual programs.

    📝  Please Note:

    You are not running two sessions of the Microsoft Office program. You see full-sized or larger-sized Windows of the same session

    But you see more than in a single-screen side-by-side view.

    Step 4: Running Microsoft Windows 2000 - Service Pack 3

    First, make sure you are running Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later version.

    As I mentioned in the beginning the multiple monitor experience may vary depend on which version of Office you are running.

    If you have any issues, you can try upgrading to the more recent version.

    Step 5: Connect Monitors

    Connect your two monitors to your computer or device.

    Turn the Power on two monitors (each monitor).

    Step 6: Steps to do

    Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization > Screen Resolution > Display > Presenter's Monitor: Set to Monitor.

    Step 7: Mac:

    For Mac:

    Connect your two monitors to your computer.

    Turn the Power on.

    Click System Preferences > View > Displays > Arrangement > In the bottom left, disable Mirror Displays.

    Tip 1: Full Word Interface

    You can set the Program Options:

    Selecting File > Options > Advanced.

    Here you look for Show All Windows in Taskbar under the Display section.

    With this option, you will be able to see the full Word interface in each window you are running.

    Tip 2: Show Additional Options

    In PowerPoint, you can run a PowerPoint presentation on two monitors.

    The presenter can see additional options for showing content, adding this to presentation mark up, showing different display options.

    It’s easy to show the internet search with an additional windows.

    It’s good to plan on presentation and practice in advance.

    I know.

    It’s not easy.

    When you stand up and deliver your message.

    Tip 3: Different Excel Workbooks on Multiple Screens

    You can also use different Excel workbooks on multiple screens.

    Start Excel and open the file as usual.

    Move this window to another monitor.

    So this is entirely on one monitor.

    Then, open Excel again.

    Open your second Excel file and minimize it. So it is not full screen & you can move it to the

    You can connect as many monitors as you like depend on your device.

    Yes, you can connect additional monitors to a laptop as well as a desktop computer depend on ports on your device.

    Work is everyday commitment.

    Once you organise, you can work confidently and effectively from any where.

    Well DONE.

    Well setup Dual Monitors.

    That's right. You know.. How to Use Multiple Monitors to Expand Your Microsoft Office Experience.

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