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In this post, you'll know..

Work From Home Computer Requirements

Imagine this

For working from home you need very small budget in the beginning.

You don’t need to invest huge amount of money in the beginning.

You buy things as you go.

Don’t waste money unnecessarily.

Just buy important things for your working from home.

Who is paying for home working equipment and services: you or your employer?

But if you are working for your company may be the requirements are different and you understand company’s work from home policy before buying the equipment you need.

If you are new to working from home?

Don’t worry. There's a solution.

We've got..

💡  Tip:

Some helpful tips to help make the transition

Computer Requirements for Work From Home Jobs

Most important equipment is a computer. Unless your company is providing the system or laptop for you.

Always remember for you to success work from home you need to meet computer specs you’ll need to meet your specific job requirements for you to do job well.

An example: If your company use remote working equipment for Windows computer and if you buy a Mac computer.

You are planning on working from home?

These two are different systems & they function different ways.

Be careful before you buy a computer.

High-Speed Internet To Support Your Needs for Work from Home

High-Speed Internet is very important for Work from Home

The bandwidth at home is probably slower than the office.


Ask yourself What You Need?

Depending on the nature of your work. Things you need:

You need a modem and a router or a device that combines both most probably that meet the company specifications and requirements.

Some companies prefer that home-based employees need hard-wired internet.

Hard-wired internet requires different equipment than wireless internet.

Take your time to research and choose the very best internet service provider in your area for your work from home job.

If you have best internet it’s not going to disturb your video calls.

You aren't going to face dropping off during video calls or losing connections.

Some companies have firewall.

This security is an additional layer of the home network.

📝  Note:

You'll create firewall security requirements when you setup to

Do You Need a Landline to Work From Home

Most jobs don’t require landline telephone for work from home jobs.

Unless you are working as a customer support, telemarketing or tech support team, you’ll need a landline phone.

If you use a landline most probably you can’t use a software-based phone like Skype or Google Voice because some companies don’t have faith they will perform very well.

You can buy inexpensive phones on Amazon without any trouble.

Check with your internet service provider and they add extras to your landline phone.

How to Choose A Noise Cancelling Telephone For Work From Home

You need a good headset, with a microphone to make and receive calls.

Sometimes you need to block the outside world.

You invest in a good noise cancelling headset.

If you need to work from home this hardware is important for you to work successfully.

Bluetooth headsets are very easy to set up.

You can use wired or Bluetooth headsets.

💡  Tip:

If you have a good set of noise cancelling earbuds with a microphone included, those will usually connect to your computer or regular telephone either wirelessly or

Now. You know..

How to Choose A Noise Cancelling Telephone or Computer Headset With a Microphone For Work From Home


You Need an External Webcam for Work From Home

You know.

These days most computers have built in webcams.

If your webcam doesn't work you can purchase an external webcam that plugs into a USB port on your computer.

You don’t need very expensive webcam.

All you need is basic webcam for your work.

Just Keep It Simple (KIS).

Work From Home Essentials Printer and Scanner

You need to invest in a printer/scanner, two in one equipment for you to work from home.

These days you can print black and white or colour. All in one in one printer.

It's not expensive at all.

Technology is bit cheap now.

🛈  Important:

For printers maintenance is cheap. Very inexpensive to replace the ink or toner to keep the printer running.

Work From Home Peripherals

I know.

You know them very well.

Work from home Peripherals such as USB Hub, Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (and more)

  A Wireless Keyboard & Mouse:


A wireless keyboard and mouse are a good investment because you have more freedom and more convenient to use than their wired keyboard & mouse.

Please remember very inexpensive to replace the batteries.

Work from home additional Peripherals You Need:

1. A battery backup unit for power outage. So you can still work in the power outage.

A hub help you to manage all the devices you're using with your computer.

An external hard drive to save all your work & plenty of storage space for all your work.

A flash drive for small portable storage if you're moving between your home office, travelling or moving to your work location.

A is more helpful for you to gain 50% more in productivity.

Well DONE.

Well setup.

You know why?

It's very important.

Working from home an everyday commitment. Once you organise, you can work confidently and effectively from home. Guess what? We know. What we need for Work From Home Computer Requirements. That's all. Easy. Isn't it.

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