USB: Everything You Need to Know

Overview about USB. Everything you need to know about USB (Universal Serial Bus). How to Fix 'No battery detected' Windows 10? Troubleshooting Tips.

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USB: Everything You Need to Know.

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USB: Everything You Need to Know.

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We all know USB (Universal Series Bus) is a standard type of connection between two devices for different



I am coming to the point.

USB ports used for an external hard drives, Speakers, joysticks, digital cameras, smartphones, storage devices, network connections, webcams, joysticks, modems, cameras, music players & scanners.

USB Ports & Cables

For connect hardware such as printers, scanners, keyboards, mice &

USB's support hot plugging & plug-&-play installation & your computer automatically recognizes the device as it is plugged in with the USB cable.

Also locate the driver or prompt you for a driver installation CD which generally comes with the hardware device that you have plugged in.

USB for Electrical

USB support for electrical power which is used to charge batteries and power smart phones.

Smartphones, eBook readers & small tablets for charging.

USB for Hot Swapping

USB for hot swapping and boost plug and play.

With hot swapping, you can remove & replace it with new contents without any boot safely.

USB common connection device for & video game consoles, home audio/visual equipment, & in many automobiles.

USB for all kinds of computers including desktops, tablets, laptops, netbooks, etc.


The male connector on the cable or flash drive is called the plug.

The female connector on the device, computer, or extension cable is called the receptacle.

There are four types of USB ports.

USB Type A - USB Standard - A

These types of devices (plugs and receptacles) are rectangular in shape & most commonly used for wired keyboards & mouse.

1. USB Type B plugs and receptacles are usually square shaped with an extra notch on top with 1.4 cm in length & 0.65 cm in height.

2. These USB Type B ports are popular and using for computers, gaming consoles, routers and printers.

Also most USB sticks also have this type of USB Type B connectors.

Follow These Steps:

USB Type A and USB Type C are the same electrically.

Only the difference is their mechanical structure.

They have done this intentionally to avoid connecting one host with another host to avoid short circuit.

Micro USB versions of USB Type A & USB Type B are in smaller versions & look like two different rectangular plugs fused together & one slightly longer than the other look identical.

Micro USB’s are usually seen in mobiles and some old devices have mini USB.

These plugs are very small and rectangular in shape.

Re - assembling the plugs shrunken USB Type A plug.

This is a standard for all mobile devices.

Mini USB is smaller in size than regular USB size and still it can be used in some cameras that come with non-standard connectors.

This is the latest one & a very small connector.

USB-C plugs and receptacles are rectangular in shape with four rounded corners.

USB Type C is in latest devices.

E.g. Smart phones, laptops, tabs & other devices.

This is Apple's proprietary connector for Apple products like iPhones & iPads.

Also older Apple devices use a larger proprietary connector.

USB 2.0 cable Apple's proprietary connector connects iPhone, iPad or iPod with Lightning connector to your computer's USB port for syncing & charging your Apple products.

Also you can connect to the Apple USB Power Adapter for charging from a wall outlet.

You can connect two devices using a USB cable by plugging one end of the cable into the port of one device and the other end of the cable into the port of another device.


Make sure both ends of the cable should not be plugged into the same device.

Device could be damaged.

Once you complete you can transfer files or charge your device..

USB Hubs and Ports to connect all your tech devices with one finger.

A USB hub is a handy way of adding additional USB ports to a setup of your technical devices.

A USB Hub is for convenient and compact way to use more USB ports and connect multiple USB devices to a computer or laptop.

It gives you the ability to connect many electronic devices to your laptop all at once.

A USB hub is connecting multiple USB devices simultaneously.

All flash drives or USB are storage devices can be plugged in directly into the desktop and laptop computers.

USB ports are available in cars.

You can plug flash drive & listen to music in the car.

Most flash drives or USB devices are generally compatible with most desktop & laptop computers.

All flash drives are USB devices are easy to carry any where for storing & transferring files, images, videos etc.

USB cable, & the device, can all support different USB standards as long as they are physically compatible & all parts must support the same standard.

You can achieve the maximum data rate possible.


That's all. You know...Everything about USB.

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USB: Everything You Need to Know USB: Everything You Need to Know USB: Everything You Need to Know USB: Everything You Need to Know

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