Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra Has a Screen on the Back

Overview about Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra has very good functionality.

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Key Points

  • The new Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra looks stylish with a tiny selfie screen on the back.
  • This wide camera bump taking so much space back of the phone.
  • Also the bump includes a 1.1-inch OLED screen.
  • Benefits of The OLED screen on the back:
  • Take selfies, keep track of time, and check notifications.


Adding a screen to the back of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra bit funny, but easy to use your phone with these new functions.

Xiaomi has unveiled the new Mi 11 Ultra past week for their competitor, against Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra and other flagship devices on the market right now.

Specs: use Android police table

The Mi 11 Ultra includes one of the best Snapdragon chipsets available right now, a massive 6.81-inch 120Hz QHD+ OLED screen, and a 5,000mAh battery.


  • The back of the phone shows three different camera lenses features:
  • —a 50MP Samsung GN2 sensor is the primary driver with both a 48MP ultra-wide and a 48MP periscope lens.
  • These options help you more.

With New Xiaomi Mi 11 can take better selfies by aligning the phone according to the reflection on the screen. Now you can use a main or wide-angle camera to take selfies and record wide angles.

The Perfect Shot

The most interesting things about the device Xiaomi has added 1.1-inch screen to the back.

Mi 11 Ultra is symmetrical look.

Like every new smartphone before they release in the market they focus on the camera.

Bigger screen and power:

These days latest smart phones how the cameras continue to get bigger and offer more power. The same thing with Mi 11 Ultra has got big screen on the back that makes a big difference.


Mi 11 Ultra is the symmetrical look of the device because Xiaomi has added that 1.1-inch screen to the back.

20MP camera on the front is good enough for quality selfies.

But you can take an advantage of the ultra-wide on the back.

This screen will allow you to do so many things because of the more powerful sensors included.

You can record videos in high quality with support for up to 8K recording.

Another important point:

1/1.12-inch Samsung GN2 sensor that the Mi 11 Ultra includes is the largest sensor in a mobile phone. Most probably this sensor will appear on other premium handsets in future.

The Camera Bump on Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra Is So Big It Has Its Own Screen

Altogether, the screen’s additional size helps the Mi 11 Ultra look better from the back because it all lines up and camera bumps add an extra uneven look and feel to the back of phone devices like the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Has a Tiny Display on The Back.

You don’t need to worry about wobbling with Mi 11 Ultra phone when you lay it on the desk because of the more symmetrical design of the bump, as well as the extra weight that it incorporates.

Even if you lay it on the table facedown that back screen also features a few other functions you can make use of.

You'll be pleased to know the screen can also show notifications when you keep the phone facing down on a table or other surface.

If you set it to provide an always-on display which features the time and additional information and even pick up calls by sliding a finger across the screen.

Guess what? There’s no extra blank space beside the camera bump and it’s easy use.

The bump is very thick on its own. It stretches across most of the back of the phone and help level things out when you have the phone lying down.

The real kicker and exciting thing is the 1.1-inch OLED screen is next to the cameras, which experts say will let you take an advantage of those more powerful cameras in new ways.

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The Takeaway

You know.. Why Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra Has a Screen on the Back

You know about Xiaomi's Mi 11 phone has tiny screen on the back for taking good quality selfies with ultra-wide camera.

When you keep the phone face down it doubles the notification screen display.

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Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra Has a Small Screen on the Back Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra Has a Small Screen on the Back Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra Has a Small Screen on the Back Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra Has a Small Screen on the Back

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