POM - APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching TV Shows

Overview about POM -APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching

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POM - APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching TV Shows

Please Note: Miss the deadline to apply for this position.

This is a new company called POM and they are hiring for a position called the “Dating Show Dissector” to watch TV shows and get paid £100 ($134) per episode.

The company POM is a dating app based on people's shared music interest and pom dating app recruiting now.

The job details:

1. Your task to watch dating TV shows like Too Hot to Handle, The Cabins, and Love Island.

2. You take notes on what you think about the contestants do right and wrong.

3. POM will cover any costs for the subscriptions required for streaming services like Netflix and NOW TV.

4. You'll be working 7 hours per week for around 3 months or so.

There are no qualifications but they are looking for someone:

1. Loves dating shows for entertainment purposes.

2. Insight of human behaviour.

3. 18 years old to apply.

4. Good written English skills.

5. Reliable internet connection required.

Please Note:

Make sure you apply Pom Dating App Job Application before the end of January 28, 2022!

I hope this is interesting. This is the quick thing I saw recently. You might want to apply for this job.

That’s all! I hope you have successfully applying for this job. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know by comment below.

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APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching TV Shows

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APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching TV Shows APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching TV Shows APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching TV Shows APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching TV Shows

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