How To Succeed Improve Yourself

Overview About How To Succeed Improve Yourself. Succeed Improve Yourself. Trust me. You’ll be glad you did.

    Successful people are usually inspired by other successful people - especially role models in whom they can see themselves and follow them.

    When I was a child, I had that one person, that one friend, that one caring individual that showed me how to live a great life.

    My role model was my dad because he was a hard working man.

    He was my friend.

    I always wanted to hang out with him.

    I loved to be around him.

    You worship whatever you like your own (culture, profession etc) but many things you don’t like you respect them and you respect every culture and every human being in the society.

    Not only humans other creatures in the society like animals, trees etc.

    If one part of our body is not working some people can feel it and some people can’t feel it.

    If they can’t feel the pain so it’s affecting the whole body.

    The same way we need to eliminate these people otherwise it’s affecting the whole society.

    If we eliminate these people from the society then the society will be in good shape.

    You are a human being in the society.

    So please understand another human being problem.

    Mind is the big disability and danger.

    This is very big disability.

    If mind is good you can do so many good things.

    ★ Meditation

    If we educate people more spiritual way, they learn lot of things.

    Their heart desire to do more things, more love, more compassion towards people.

    ★ Heal Yourself

    ★ Understanding Yourself.

    ★ I am constantly learning lessons, working on forgiving myself and others.

    ★ What has spirituality got to do... understanding yourself.

    ★ Before I go that far.. and, for the sake of first timers let me simplify explain.

    ★ How you channelize your thoughts and your energies both positive as well as negative.

    ★ Spirituality is enlightening the power of self.

    ★ Spiritually urges you to rediscover yourself.

    ★ I use spirituality for self improvement.

    ★ Energy, more patience, control thoughts & mind.

    Organise time and achieve life goals.

    Cope more things (stress) easily. We don’t pass stress to others (around you).

    It’s very easy to cope anything, any time.

    Balance profession (work) and family.

    ★ Understanding The External World

    "Spiritual world would help you decode why you behave in a specific way in the external world, why your motivations are different from others and what fears ground you.

    This is a good starting point from where you can divulge into deeper introspection”.


    You will start to appreciate others.

    Every situation that we encounter has a positive opportunity behind.

    When I was young and immature to understand these principles; my father oversimplified it for me.

    He is my best spiritual friend.

    ★ Success in Corporate World

    ★ What has spirituality got to do with Corporate World.

    ★ Spirituality is heightened sense of self awareness.

    ★ It is about “YOU”.

    ★ How well you know yourself, your weaknesses & your strengths.

    ★ "If you give your heart and soul to your job and never give up", things can happen for you to reach your corporate ladder.

    We see our prayers outside with Bells, songs, chants, Incense.

    What we are doing inside to create the feeling in our body.

    The feeling is the prayer.

    It touches the soul.

    Bringing more gratitude into your life.

    Life is a game changer.

    I firmly believe that the more gratitude you express, the more the Universe will provide you to be grateful for everything.

    In the evening, you can do like I do:

    ★ A short evening gratitude meditation.

    ★ The Power of Humanity

    It depends on your character.

    I will be like this.

    I like to be good human being.

    I behave this way.

    No one can change it.

    I put a boundary around myself.

    Character is very important.

    No one can change it.

    How I behave, how I live in the society I decide.

    Not another person can decide.

    It’s in our hands.

    What I learned in my life is samskaaram (Decency, dignity), how to face obstacles, how to mould those obstacles according to my way and come out of them successfully.

    ★ Helping Women Succeed in Corporate World

    “Adarsh” is a mirror in Sanskrit.

    It’s a mirror for us to see our own self and we need to dress it whatever is required (The way we want).

    For me Work and Worship...

    Don’t do wrong things.

    Personal life discipline (Self-discipline).

    I put barriers around me.

    I believe it I love it.

    Spirituality gives me lot of discipline to work hard and climb the ladder.

    Confidence and clarity of thought without wavering.

    Cool and happy of thoughts.

    ★ Help Others and to Make The World a Better Place.

    Only if your mindset is to help people first. Watch for opportunities to reach out to these people, to help them.

    The more you help others, the more people see your contributions.

    Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.

    You know.

    What I do...

    Every year I spend Christmas Day at Auckland City Mission in New Zealand.

    Auckland City Mission puts on New Zealand's largest Christmas lunch for 2,000 people.

    I am just highlighting here.

    I believe spirituality is the solution to achieve the goal.

    I thank all the people who help others to success and achieve your success.

    ★ Know Yourself, Understand and Help Others.

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments…

    Thank you so much for reading my article!

    I will leave you with this QUOTE.

    "If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude".
    Maya Angelou.


    Simple Message From Me - Love YOURSELF. Let it Go.

    Thought of the Day Motivational

    The good news is..

    I know.

    You are having a wonderful time today with..

    positive thoughts and happy.

    You know How To Succeed Improve Yourself through meditation. MEDITATION is the key to success. I know. It's not easy to control the mind.

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