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Overview about Free Software for Students. So many ways we can find best free software for our work like university, school and work etc. You will be surprised to know how many options these days for free software without spending a dollar.

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What's in This Post?

Free Software for Students.

    In this post, we'll find list of free software for students.

    Students need to save money whenever they can.

    The best free software for students for free download online.

    The Safest Free Software includes office, edu email, educational software, image editing, video and audio and antivirus.

    Free Software from free Microsoft Office to free design image editing tools.

    The complete list of best free software for students to download software for free.

    You may wonder.

    Thankfully it 's easy to find safest download sites these day.

    In this guide, we'll run through the best free software for students, including antivirus, image editing, video editing & more for your work, university, school etc.

    Whatever your requirement either study or work you need some sort of office package similar to Microsoft Office without the price tag.

    These are the best free software alternatives to Microsoft Office software for students:

    1. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

    Compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
    Best for: Basic functions and collaborative work

    Google Docs is very straightforward & simple.

    Please remember.

    It's easy to create basic documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.

    See all the familiar editing tools such as font changing, text editing, cell editing and so on.

    Also Google Docs allows you to upload your existing files in DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, and PPT formats.

    Google Docs makes group projects easier.

    Google Docs allows you to invite others to access and edit your documents, all in real-time.

    Think about this for a moment.

    The software allows multiple people to work on the same document or project at once.

    I know the feeling.

    See the edits that are made and by who.

    The software allows you can even discuss changes in a live chat window whilst you are working on the project.


    Google Drive autosaves regularly.

    If you suddenly lose internet connection or your laptop battery dies, you can still relax because that your work is SAVED when you get back online.

    Another BONUS Google Drive integrates automatically with Google Drive, a cloud storage system that you can access anywhere.

    Surprisingly, you can easily restore or view previous versions of your document.

    Accidently if you have deleted something you can restore the file easily.

    2. LibreOffice

    Compatible with: PC, Mac and Linux
    Best for: A great range of tools and features for your work


    LibreOffice is an open-source project and it's run by volunteers who are constantly working to improve the software.

    They're passionate and helping technology and software accessible to everyone

    There are so many free office suites out there, but Libre Office is one of the best.

    It's compatible with all Microsoft file formats and completely free to download.

    Made up of Six programs (Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base).

    Offering everything from Word, PowerPoint and Excel and more.

    If you're a Maths or Science student, really useful for Draw, Math and Base are designed for vector diagrams, mathematical calculations and databases.

    The tools are really helpful when it comes to deadline.

    3. Microsoft Office           Online

    Compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
    Best for: It's similar to Microsoft Office

    Create free and download Microsoft Office Online is a stripped down version.

    Most popular office features – (similar to Publisher) Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and Sway are all available but you won't get access to all the features and functions you would with the full Microsoft Office suite.

    Plus, you can automatically sync your work with OneDrive and you can access anywhere at home, school or university.

    💡  Please Note:

    If you're a university students and can get a which includes the three amigos: PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

    4. Polaris Office

    Compatible with: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
    Best for: Desktop and mobile compatibility

    If you have an Android phone you must be familiar with Polaris Office as an app before.


    Available on iOS and as a full web app.

    It's compatible with all Microsoft Office file formats.

    Guess what? Easy to synchronize with Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox for storage.

    Word, Sheet and Slide are three main Polaris programs.

    Basic version is free, but if you want the full features with no ads, you'll have to pay.

    For example, it offers a super useful PDF editing program, but you'll have to pay.

    It's most basic version is free.

    If you need the full features with no ads, you'll have to pay a subscription.

    An example:

    It offers a very useful PDF editing program, but you'll have to pay.

    The free version offers 60MB monthly allowance, unlimited viewing of three devices and 1GB storage on their drive.

    5. WPS Office

    Compatible with: Windows, Linux, iOS and Android
    Best for: PDF to Word conversion

    Similar to Microsoft Office.

    WPS offers Document, Presentations and Spreadsheets trio.

    User-friendly easy to use and compatible with all MS Office files.

    Run some ads but impressive tools, like the ability to convert PDF files into Word documents for free, which you won't easily find elsewhere.

    Plus, the 1GB of free drive storage is a nice added bonus for every user to use it.

    6. SoftMaker FreeOffice

    Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Linux and Android
    Best for: A simple user experience

    SoftMaker markets is a free alternative to Microsoft Office.

    SoftMaker offers a word TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations, and all programs are compatible with MS Office files.

    The basic product is free but you have to pay for access to all features, including the Thesaurus.

    Thesaurus can be useful when you're trying to complete an essay into one day.

    SoftMaker easy to use because it's similar to Microsoft Office) but not quite as advanced as other MS alternatives, like LibreOffice.

    You know... about Free Software for Students. Now it's your turn to use it Everyday. It's easier than you think.

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